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It is essential for data security and the protection of personal, proprietary and confidential information that data is permanently destroyed, deleted or erased from devices.

Data Destruction

It is essential for data secur

IT Logistics

Security, speed and cost in or

Disposal Management

We are licensed to transport,

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Our clients, mainly from the financial services sector, require us to manage their enterprise and desktop infrastructures countrywide and abroad. Our value proposition is to protect our clients’ personal and proprietary information that resides on their computers at ‘end-of-service’ and during technology changes. We provide cost effective solutions to combat the challenges associated with preventing data loss.


Developing maximum security for your information may require our to provide onsite data destruction, inventory management, secure packaging and reporting.

Is an employee engagement program where your workers are able to purchase the organisations used laptop & desktop computers that have been refurbished  with a 12 months, this is achieve in compliance with the consumer protection Act

The National Waste Management Act 59 of 2008 puts the responsibility on executives for the disposal of eWaste. We reverse engineer your eWaste and send it to the specific upscale industries that require the raw materials. This ensures that we comply with recycling policies and environmental legislation.

We offer fair market value for the  purchase redundant  hardware & software assets. We developed a network that is able disposed thousands computers monthly.

Xperien has the financial capacity and will offer fair market value to purchase all your retired hardware and software assets. We have disposed of over R100m worth of assets in recent years and we have the capacity to dispose of 10 000 computers per month.

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Xperien trademarks Certified Refurbished Systems

Like many other industries, the computer industry has its own share of unethical businesses that will try to exploit uneducated buyers.

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Africa becoming the dumping ground for eWaste

Africa is fast becoming the dumping ground for eWaste. A growing amount of computer equipment from Western nations is being found on toxic eWaste dumps throughout Africa and is being pulled apart by children as young as five.

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Xperien launches first onsite, offsite data tape and hard drive shredder truck in Africa

Xperien has launched the first mobile hard drive shredder plant in Africa. It is a fully equipped PoPI compliant truck that provides on-site degaussing and destruction facilities.

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