Xperien introduces a Professional Degausser

Xperien introduces a Professional Degausser

Xperien introduces a Professional DegausserTotal erasure and complete destruction

An increasing number of government regulations, industry standards and internal risk mitigation policies require organisations to sanitise storage media prior to disposal or reuse.

Xperien has introduced its own hard drive degaussers and physical destroyers specifically designed to help you eliminate the risk of data breach and meet the standards that govern your organisation’s operations.

This Machine is a capacitive discharge continuous work degausser for all kinds of Hard Drives, it can perform work for 8 hours continuously.

The Xperien degausser combines proven technology with a failsafe reporting system, ensuring an audit trail for the data destruction process. The device records the serial number via a handheld scanner before performing the destruction cycle and then completes the process by issuing an instruction to the software to record a successful operation.

The benefits

  • Speed: This is the faster method and takes 2 mins to destroy the data and capture the media serial number for the audit trail.
  • Simplicity: Operating our device is require basic computer operation and technical ability.
  • Mobility: Weighing only 20kg it is preferred for quick response in remote locations.
  • Technical support: Xperien can also provide a high level technical support, our technicians are available to execute projects or to train your staff if in-house operatives are preferred.
  • Compliance: Compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (POPI)

Our Service

Device rental

  • Monthly R30 000 (Ex Vat)
  • Includes laptop and operating software

Onsite Technician

  • Daily R5 000 (Ex Vat)
  • Excludes Travel & Accommodation from JHB

International Projects

SADC Projects add

  • Ask for quote (USD)

Other African Countries

  • Ask for quote (USD)

Buy your own degausser

  • R135 000 (excluding VAT and delivery)
  • Lead time from order is 4 weeks
  • Excludes laptop

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