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Xperien (Pty) Limited is the African leader in Secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services.

Our clients, mainly from the financial services sector, require us to manage their enterprise and desktop infrastructures countrywide and abroad. Our value proposition is to protect our clients’ personal information and intellectual property that resides on their computers at ‘end-of-service’ and during technology changes. We provide cost effective solutions to combat the challenges associated with data loss and mitigating reputational risk.

Compliance to the highest standards, especially with data destruction processes and implementing the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (PoPIA), is core to our business. Logistical solutions are tailored for clients geographical spread of branches to negate the ever present risk of hard drive theft from decommissioned computers.

We prevent this by maintaining a secure chain of custody during any movement of equipment and we also implement onsite data elimination solutions for maximum security. We start with policy development to define the processes, identify responsibility, scope the project and detail implementation plans. Our solutions include Secure Data Destruction, Inventory Management, Asset Tagging, Environmental Disposal, Reverse IT Logistics, Asset Redeployment, Asset Buybacks, Asset Remarketing, and Compliance Certificates to PoPIA and NEMWA.

We help bridge the digital divide in previously disadvantaged communities and give them the opportunity to join the digital race. They have benefited immensely from old enterprise IT equipment that has been refurbished by Xperien.


Africa’s ITAD Architect’s


To uphold a culture of integrity, provide enriching opportunities for customers and secure sustainable services for clients.

Quality Managed Systems ISO 9001: 2008.

Established in 1999

Asset Retirement

All assets eventually reach end of life or lease (EOL) and retirement is normally managed by the asset manager and the maintenance service provider. This is usually the company installing the new equipment but it can also be outsourced to our call centre agents that have in-depth knowledge of IT equipment decommissioning, scheduling and collection.

Asset Redeployment

Companies often like to optimise the productive value of their asset, cascading equipment down the organisation to lower power users. Eventually the equipment is sold to staff or donated to corporate social investment projects. However, compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 governs such transactions. The act states that companies are obliged to supply equipment in good working order.

Urban Mining - EWaste Disposal

The National Waste Management Act 59 of 2008 puts the responsibility on executives for the disposal of eWaste. We reverse engineer your eWaste and send it to the specific upscale industries that require the raw materials. This ensures that we comply with recycling policies and environmental legislation.


Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (PoPIA) legislation makes the executive responsible by default. When you outsource to Xperien, you get certificates for data destruction and disposal of electronic waste so you can confidently close the asset life cycle and keep the auditors happy. Certificates can close processes showing that due diligence has been performed.

Asset Buy-Backs

Xperien has the financial capacity and will offer fair market value to purchase all your retired hardware and software assets. We have disposed of over R100m worth of assets in recent years and we have the capacity to dispose of 10 000 computers per month.

Reduce Risk Reduce Cost

Digital Tracking

We maintain accurate information on the movements from multi-facility to our warehouse operation reducing human error and increase speed by using barcodes and scanners to better serve our client and reduce incidences of loss.

Dynamic Disposal

If your ITAD policy is to be effective warehousing must be kept to a minimum. Our workshop is able to process thousands of computers a month when adhering to this policy.


Best practice for decommissioning equipment is what we call ‘roll in roll out’.This process uses the same box in which the new equipment is delivered to collect the used equipment.

Asset Intelligence

The Residual Value Report (RVR) is Asset Intelligence at your fingertips, ensuring you maintain financial control and governance of the compliance processes.