Urban Mining is a new initiative aimed at assisting non-profit organisations that provide education and assistance for disadvantaged children in South Africa.

Our Urban Mining initiative aims to collect redundant computers from corporate companies, by offering to sanitise the data residing on these computers, refurbish them and redistribute them to previously disadvantaged communities.

Contribution to Social Development

Xperien has developed a good relationship with Wheel Well, we solicit computer equipment and donations from corporate companies through exposure of the Urban Mining initiative at major cycling events. These include Joburg 94.7, Cape Argus, Durban Aquella, Powerade Lost City Cycle Classic and other race events throughout South Africa.

Secure Logistics

Xperien will provide a logistical solution for IT assets that may be spread across a branch network, always ensuring a full and secure chain of custody.

Hard Drive Sanitisation

We offer a secure data erasure service, an efficient process that prevents data loss in reused hard drives, safe guarding your company’s proprietary information when computers are being retired.


All computer equipment that is donated will be refurbished and redeployed with a 1 year certified warranty. We ensure that the recipient receives a fully functional computer. This process exceeds the requirement of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 which prescribes that donated equipment is ‘deemed to be in working order’


Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act 4 of 2013 legislation prescribes the executive as the responsible party by default if an Information Officer is not appointed. We provide the responsible party with auditable certification that closes the process and shows that due diligence has been performed in closing the asset lifecycle.

Wheel Well

Wheel Well is the only non-profit organisation that focus exclusively on road safety for children in South Africa. They strive to be the most visible, audible and effective change agent in Road Safety for Children in South Africa thereby reducing the death toll of children on our roads.

It aims to raise awareness, educate and effect changes and enforcement of legislation on issues surrounding road safety pertaining to children both in and around the vehicle. This will be accomplished through visible community and national campaigns and projects. Wheel Well will align with partners and sponsors of like mind, whilst maintaining complete integrity and transparency in its activities.

Peggie Mars, founder of Wheel Well, has extensive experience in car seats across all brands and models and keeps up to date on all trends and developments within that industry. A teacher by profession, she has a special connection with children and she lives out her passion for knowledge and education through her various campaigns.

Sponsoring Xperien Cycling Team

Xperien Cycling Team was established to raise awareness for non-profit organisations. Our team riders and supporters will be networking at flagship events to create exposure for sponsors in return for their contribution to our Urban Mining initiative.

Brand exposure can be achieved by branding Xperien Cycling kits. Our team comprises over 20 riders and will be networking at flagship events nationwide throughout the year. We capture race day footage and rider interviews for social media distribution which will provide many other branding opportunities.

Corporate Companies can purchase cycling kits for branding and we will capture race day footage and interview racers for campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and Google+

We can also provide product placement opportunities at race events or via our social media channels.

Corporate Social Investment will assist in bridging the digital divide, you will be provided with a Section 18A Tax exemption certificate, your BEE rating will improve and society will benefit from your kind investment in the programme.

Below are links to videos of recent race events attended by Team Xperien Cycling: