Job Creation 

Our refurbished IT products allow start-ups to acquire IT equipment at highly affordable prices. For example, we sell a fully functional computer with an operating system for under R1 400.

A business with huge growth potential, we supply scrap materials for recycling businesses that use manual labour to de-manufacture computers back to base materials such as light steel, copper, plastic and ceramic. We support Empalangeni Recycler and JB Jabulani Scrap Metal Dealers, both level1 BEE companies.

As a manufacturing-based labour intensive operation, we are constantly training unqualified and unskilled people to pursue careers in IT, Management, Finance and Administration.

Previously disadvantaged communities can benefit

Enriching the lives of thousands and giving them the opportunity to join the digital race, disadvantaged members of our society have benefited immensely from old enterprise IT equipment that has been refurbished by xperien.

Let’s all contribute and ensure Africa becomes a major player in the connected world. This can only be achieved by realising what old IT equipment has to offer and by encouraging your organisation to donate to a worthy cause. Did you know a refurbished computer can remain productive for around 10 years ?

Today’s youth, our future leaders

Let’s give them all a fair chance in today’s tough economic climate. Unemployment amongst the youth is a growing global phenomenon, but our good deeds may help some in becoming successful entrepreneurs. The World Bank says SMEs will play a huge role in overcoming the current financial crisis.

So let us give our previously disadvantaged youth a chance by creating opportunities.