Dismantling and eWaste Collection

We are licensed to transport, recycle, recover and dispose of eWaste in accordance with Schedule 1 (section 19) of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (NEMWA).
Urban mining is our passion, there is gold in computers but also toxic waste that needs to be recycled with processes that lower our carbon footprint without releasing toxins to the environment or using excessive energy to recycle. We physically dismantle and reverse manufacture computers into the glass, plastic, ceramic and forward the waste to manufacturers that need the raw materials. Heavy metals are disposed to licensed recyclers and the processes are confirmed by a Certificate Environmental of Disposal to complete the audit trail.

National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (NEMWA)

No. 59 of 2008: National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008.

In response to the growing threat to our environment, the National Environmental Waste Management Act was signed into law on 6 March 2008. The Act is intended to provide reasonable measures for the prevention of pollution and for secure ecologically sustainable development which requires that the generation of waste is avoided, or where it cannot be avoided, that it is reduced, reused, recycled or recovered, and only as a last resort treated and safely disposed of.

Severe Penalties for Non-Compliance

If you do not follow the eWaste disposal practices set down in the Waste Management Act, you could risk incurring a fine of up to R5-million or imprisonment for a period of up to five years, or both. Recycling eWaste promotes a sustainable environment for IT and ecological development by re-using the waste material. We de-manufacturer IT equipment and redistribute materials to industries which consequently reduces your carbon footprint.

We are passionate about the environment and do not wish for it to be polluted by eWaste which ultimately requires energy to decontaminate. For example, CRT monitors contain beryllium and also a significant amount of copper. Unscrupulous waste dismantlers don’t want to pay a recycling fee, so they strip the valuable copper and dump the CRT monitor carcass by the roadside. They are not concerned about exposing the beryllium to the environment and risking contamination of our water table.