IT logistics

Security, speed and cost – in order of priority – are the prime considerations when developing your logistical procedures. For instance, we use digital tracking to improve security by eliminating human error. Our belief in less storage (warehousing) improves speed of delivery and we also reduce packaging cost by using boxes in which new equipment is delivered.

We understand computer decommissioning processes

We make use of secure plastic packaging or as previously mentioned, we use the boxes in which the new computers were delivered, so you don’t have to pay for packaging. More importantly, you don’t have any responsibility of dumping boxes when you synchronise with our ‘roll-in roll-out’ service. In situations where there is no inventory list, we ‘scan & load’ – effectively creating an audit trail.

We have reach

When your offices have national coverage, you will inevitably have remote locations that require service delivery. We will service them through a seamless branch network.

Chain of custody

When hard drives are decommissioned, they have to go through a logistical process before they are eventually destroyed (offsite plant shredding). However, these processes may be vulnerable due to hard drives having residual value and are often stolen. You may choose to adopt a procedure for the most critical data, the risk is mitigated by employing the use of destroyData strongbox with nationwide service and onsite alternatives.