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Your company has 20,000 Computers countrywide

Decommissioning in progress now where to put the old equipment, the new computer are coming, what do you do with the old ones? We know they have value but do you sell so many? Auctioneers don’t understand legal and regulatory compliance; your ISP is only interested in the new computers, so for this amount of equipment you have a few options, whichever you choose the equipment is likely to end up with the country’s largest remarketer of used equipment and that’s Xperien.

The 2nd user market for IT equipment is South Africa is still infantile and there are only a few entities with the resources to process large quantities on a daily basis. Distribution of refurbished computers is core to our business; back in 2001 we built this side of the business by importing used equipment for re-distribution and established our network for over 10 years.


Asset Liquidation

Our experience in trading with used IT equipment allows us to offer a superior service not on offer at auctioneers and other traditional liquidation channels.


Our advantages include:


– Fair market value
– Asset buybacks
– Logistics, we have national coverage.
– Inventory reporting.
– Data destruction and certification.


Financially prudent organisation enter into buyback agreements to dispose redundant of IT equipment rather than let the value of their IT asset erode in a warehouse, we purchase any IT equipment suitable for remarketing ranging from 50 computers to whole data centers. Through our many years’ experience in the industry we are able to offer fair market value (FMV) for your equipment that could become excess to requirement as of Downsizing, Relocations, Mergers , acquisitions Insurance Salvage , lifecycle management or simply upgrading your existing infrastructure.


South Africa’s first choice for compliant, secure, sustainable Information Technology Asset Disposition