Don’t dispose of your redundant computer equipment, rather donate it to a worthy cause

Did you know that your redundant computers can transform the lives of many previously disadvantaged children in South Africa?

Rather than disposing of your old IT assets, why not donate them ? The Urban Mining Initiative aims to collect redundant computers from corporates, by offering to sanitise the data residing on these computers, refurbish them and redistribute them to previously disadvantaged communities.

What do you get in return?

  • Free secure logistics (only available for 30+ assets)
  • Free sanitisation
  • Free PoPIa and NEMWA certification
  • Tax exemption certificate

Donating to this worthy cause will ensure goodwill

Through these valuable donations, children from previously disadvantaged communities will now receive safe transportation to and from the teaching facilities and also benefit from our feeding program. We assist these communities in providing quality education and instil good moral values. When these learners are ready to graduate, we assist in employment placement and also provide teacher training courses for young women.

Our association with Love Trust

Xperien has chosen to become an ambassador for Love Trust. We believe that Love Trust is making significant headway in the struggle to eradicate poverty through the provision of world-class, quality driven education for those that need it most.

Love Trust does not believe in providing just any education, but seeks to impart an excellent education for vulnerable communities that can give rise to a generation of servant leaders for our communities and later, for our country.

Love Trust’s flagship project is Nokuphila School, based in President Park on the border of Tembisa. Nokuphila started in 2010 with just 45 pre-schoolers in Grade 0 and now has 257 children up to Grade 4. Love Trust is determined to ensure that the school goes up to Grade 12 and will host approximately 600 students.

To donate your computers equipment, please contact us at:

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